My dear friend, Kari, has started her own blog.  And I am LOVING it!  It’s called Mamabloo.  Some of you may recognize Kari from her funny comments on my blog posts, and then there was that incident where Oprah rebuilt her HOUSE!  (no, I’m not joking.) Kari has a down to earth style of writing […]

First of all, this is a long post. Consider yourself warned. Not only long text, but I’ve got lots of images below too. What do you expect when I haven’t blogged in forever! Second of all, I want to thank EVERY one of you who follow this blog. I know some of you refresh this […]

Share Your Fall Ideas!

I’m inspired by how New England celebrates the fall. In Chatham, they bring in trucks of pumpkins and the whole town comes out to help unload the pumpkins. Their bookstores are also filled with favorite ghost stories from old Inns and Lighthouses. I took a peak at one of the books and read about how […]

Ready for another fun post on shooting Christmas Trees, Ornaments and White Balancing?! As many of you know, Carey, Brian and myself are teaming up for a FUN workshop in San Diego in May 08. Click here for ALL the details! These eight tips are brought to you from Carey and her beautiful blog!! Enjoy!! […]

When Brian and I first got married, I was busy with full time graduate school getting my Masters in Teaching. Brian was working overtime every week while getting paid $12 an hour. Needless to say, we loved it when our parents sent us Safeway dollars. Those first few year of marriage and Christmas are some […]

I’m so glad that so many of you liked yesterday’s post! How fun! All your comments and emails got me thinking about another photography tip! Let me ask you this…Are any of you experiencing blur as you try to grab the perfect Christmas photo of the kids? If the answer is a frustrating “YES”, read […]

Point of View!

Here’s a double bonus for all you moms! Not only is this post about photography tips, but it also comes with a hands-on project for making a Mid-Winter Tree! But before I get to the project, here’s the photography part. It’s all about point of view! I first fell in love with the idea of […]